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Welcome to Lehigh!
Welcome to Lehigh Riding Academy, a prestigious riding academy set in the small, yet bustling town of Lehigh Valley. Founded about 20 years ago by two horse enthusiasts, the academy has made a name for itself as one of the best, but, with the recent retirement of the original founders and the handing of the baton to a totally new head, there is talk that the academy may be up to losing that reputation. Rumors are just rumors, yes, but only time will tell if those rumors will come true...

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Catriona Faulkner

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This is where any news of the forum will be posted. Admins will try to update it regularly.

♞ Welcome to LRA! The site has gotten a new face lift and an update on the plot!

♞ Yes, the site is open, for any of you lurking guesties that may be interested in signing up! We'd love to have you aboard, so why not go up and register with us to see if you're interested!

♞Spring has officially arrived! Warm weather for the win!
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 Catrìona Faulkner ~ WIP

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Catrìona Faulkner

Catrìona Faulkner

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PostSubject: Catrìona Faulkner ~ WIP   Catrìona Faulkner ~ WIP EmptyMon Dec 29, 2014 2:52 am

we're taking control, we get what we want


Catrìona Faulkner ~ WIP 53333310

Nicknames: Cat, Kitty (mainly by her sisters)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Martial Status: Single
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Clothing Style: You may link a picture if you'd like
Face Claim: Anna Lee (or Kate Mara in gif threads)

it's time to lose your mind, and let the crazy out

Personality: About their personality here.

Family Members: Daniel Blackwood  and Iseabail Blackwood (parents); Maisie Blackwood, 28, and Ilisa Blackwood, 26 (sisters); Bonnie and Ciarán Faulkner (grandparents; ex-botanist and ex-vet)
Other Important Figures: Oscar Wilde (Highland pony; first pony and first horse-love), Robert Louis Stevenson (Appaloosa gelding; she rode him through her teens and university years)
Horse: Arthur Conan Doyle (stallion; current mount)

History: Born to an English father and a Scottish mother, Catrìona is the oldest in a trio of all girls. The males have a joke that the females are their "female battalion" as each one is just as strong-willed and stubborn as the next. Daniel and Iseabail met by accident; she was attending a birth when sparks from the fireplace caught the rug and subsequently the rest of the house on fire. Iseabail was able to move the labouring woman outside just in time for her to deliver a healthy baby boy, just as Daniel's fire brigade turned up. As the paramedics arrived, Iseabail let them take mother and newborn away to the hospital for check-ups, before heading to a nearby bar. A couple of hours later Daniel joined her and the two chatted over the evening's events. After the original meeting, the pair kept in contact and eventually Daniel asked Iseabail to marry him. After the first two girls were born, the family moved in with Bonnie and Ciarán as their place was able to accomodate the growing family better.

The trio grew up happy and content, though Bonnie and Ciarán would do most of the parenting as both biological parents were quite busy with their jobs. As such, the grandparents were a lot closer to the girls than their parents were and it was to them that the girls turned if ever there were problems. The household was always filled with laughter and merriment; in the kitchen there were always delicious smells of baking, the garden was always full of exotic plants that were struggling to survive the Scottish temperatures, and abandoned or orphaned could often be found roaming the grounds under Ciarán's care. All three girls had their own pets; Catrìona adopted an orphaned Highland pony who she named Oscar. Her grandfather taught her how to ride and soon she was helping to look after all the injured and orphaned horses that came to the farm.

While her two younger sisters were more outgoing, Catrìona grew up as a bookworm, often having her nose in a book while an orphaned Shetland pony foal or hedgehog rested in her lap. She dreamed of one day writing a book that would get published and over the years she filled many a notebook with various writing projects (though ultimately none of them got published). She

tonight we're taking over, no one's getting out

Alias: Calypso
Contacting: PM
Other Characters: Any other characters you have

This app coded and designed by Dracula. Please ask permission before using and do not remove the credit when you use it or I will set the Hollow Legion out to rip you to pieces. Please also give a lovely thanks to the folks of Lost Before The Dawn because without their application, this application wouldn't have had as much inspiration behind it as it does! :-P Lyrics are from "Song Name" by Artist Name
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Catrìona Faulkner ~ WIP
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