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Welcome to Lehigh!
Welcome to Lehigh Riding Academy, a prestigious riding academy set in the small, yet bustling town of Lehigh Valley. Founded about 20 years ago by two horse enthusiasts, the academy has made a name for itself as one of the best, but, with the recent retirement of the original founders and the handing of the baton to a totally new head, there is talk that the academy may be up to losing that reputation. Rumors are just rumors, yes, but only time will tell if those rumors will come true...

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 Liam Daniel Lawson

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Liam Lawson

Liam Lawson

Posts : 4
Money : 1304
Location : Lehigh Riding Academy

Liam Daniel Lawson Empty
PostSubject: Liam Daniel Lawson   Liam Daniel Lawson EmptySat Mar 07, 2015 5:27 am

it ain't where


Liam Daniel Lawson Riley-Ward-dustin-clare-24954845-582-322

Nicknames: Lee or Dan (for those who know his middle name), Junior (mostly by older staff members, sometimes his father)
Sexuality: straight
Martial Status: Single
Height: 5' 8"
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Clothing Style: jeans and tank tops or plaid shirts and a cowboy hat (sometimes)
Face Claim: Dustin Clare

we weren't raised to take

Liam is a country boy with his heart and soul. He likes the fresh air, nature and the horses that he works with. Mostly being raised by his father, Liam got into working with horses at quite a young age and that was only one of many things that he and his father bonded over. He is proud of his close relationship to Matt and he's not afraid to admit it.
Even though Liam's got his mother's smile and charm, he's more of a quiet type. He can be funny, flirtatious and out-going, but his biggest fear is that he might become like his mother at some point if he lives out that side of him too much. And that is something that he would definitely not want. Still, as a teenager, he's had many 'girlfriends', but he'd never cheat on anyone. Being with someone means to be loyal and honest to them and Liam tries his best to live like that.

Apart from his charming country-boy nature, he's quite smart and talented with horses as well as working with other students, younger than him. Liam is also quite ambitious to one day follow in his father's footsteps and maybe take over the academy when he's old enough. However, he's never really told anyone about that dream of his, not wanting to be put under pressure about it. However, he does his best to prove himself. That being said, Liam is everything but lazy. He's actually quite the hard-worker when it comes to working with horses, or just doing his usual duties as a stable-hand. He gets his work done, no matter his current mood, because he was raised to be reliable and he knows that even his father had to work hard to get where he was. And that's just what Liam had to do, too.

Being Matt's son has some negative sides, though. While he's quite popular with the ladies and admired (although probably more for his current condition and looks than for his smarts), some people do put pressure on him by comparing him to his father all the time. But one thing that Liam never allows is others to speak ill of Matt. So if they try to talk trash and spread weird rumours, Liam is just as protective over his father as his father is over him. That comes naturally to Liam, seeing that Matt isn't just his father, but also his best friend, whom he actually can tell everything. Even his most embarrassing secrets (although he does mostly keep those to himself).

Family Members: Matt David Lawson (father), Caitlin Lucia Sanders (mother),
Other Important Figures: Richard Mark Lawson (grandfather), Ella Alexandra Lawson (grandmother)
Horse: El Valor, Kiger Mustang, approx. 6 yrs. old

Liam Daniel Lawson was born on January 14, 1995 as the son of Caitlin Sanders and Matt Lawson. His mother, being the city girl that she was, wasn't actually that interested in the family life, so Liam was mostly raised by his father and so, considering his father's work at Lehigh Riding Academy, he has been around horses ever since he was a little boy.
That woke the same passion and interest in working with those beautiful animals, that his father also possessed. Liam believes that this is one of the many things that his mother hated about Matt and that she did not like to see her son doing, but since she left, Liam doesn't really care anymore. He's still angry at his mother for leaving, but he doesn't know all the details of his parents' break-up. Sometimes he wonders what actually happened between them, but he never asks, figuring that if Matt wanted him to know, he'd tell him.

Ever since he can remember, Liam has always spent as much time with his father as possible, mostly watching him work with horses and learning from him. He's always wanted to help out in any way he could. Since that was the case, it didn't hit Liam that hard when his mother left them. The young boy was upset and a little depressive at first, just like every boy who looses his mother, but he got used to her not being around rather quickly. Especially since he's got the horses he could take care of and his father to talk to.

So Liam basically grew up at the Academy, eventually becoming a student and a stable-hand. Thus he spends most of his time at the academy, helping out around the stables, with the horses and of course practising with El Valor, his very own Kiger Mustang stallion.

A little more than six years ago, he's rescued the young horse from the butcher, when he was just a foal, only a couple of months old. His mother had been caught and was supposed to be broken and sold to some rich guy. That rich guy didn't want the young colt, because it looked so thin and sickly. Liam was only just 14 when he found him, already tied up for the butcher to take. He's been at a horse auction with his father one day and he's seen the little, frightened horse calling for his mother, who was held in a box just a couple of feet away. The young teenager was upset about them separating them and when he's heard that the young horse of only a couple of months age was supposed to be killed, because the people who sold him didn't give the horse much of a chance to survive and be useful, Liam basically begged his father to buy him off the butcher and safe him.

Thinking back to that day, Liam knew that he'd been foolish to buy a horse who looked so weak, but something had told the teenager that this horse was too young and too precious to be killed. It was an instinct, a gut feeling, but a very strong one. And after the vet had looked the young filly over, Liam knew in his heart that he made the right choice in talking his father into buying it. The horses just didn't get enough food and water.
Since the colt was now official his responsibility, Liam saw to it, that it got everything it needed. He had to bottle-feed it, which was a fight in itself, because the it didn't want the bottle at first, it wouldn't even let Liam touch it for the first couple of days. But it was important that the colt drank its milk, so he stayed with it day and night, until it finally began to trust him and eventually it was so hungry that it accepted the bottle.
As time passed and the horse grew, Liam noticed that the young stallion had quite a temper. He was a spirited horse with lots of potential. And he was a fighter, that much Liam knew. Those observations finally gave the young colt his name: El Valor, which is spanish and means The Spirit (also stands for courage).
He began to train the young stallion as soon as he was strong enough, getting the horse used to being around humans and other horses again and eventually when he was old enough he trained him in riding and all the things he needed to know.

Still, even today, as El Valor has been around for six years, the stallion is to be handled with caution. The horse won't let anyone close to him, if Liam's not around. He has a very close bond to his owner and the stallion would do anything to protect Liam from harm, even if it would cost him his own life.
Usually Kiger Mustangs are easy to train and get along well with people, but Liam thinks that El Valor is different because of what happened to him as a filly. He believes that it influenced him so much, that he doesn't trust humans unless Liam's around. That makes it a little difficult, because nobody else could care for him, without having to fight for trust first. El Valor is learning to trust Liam's father now, though. He still won't let Matt touch him, but he's getting there.

and ol' Hank he said it all

Alias: Blue Canary
Contacting: PM
Other Characters: Georgina Franklin

This app coded and designed by Dracula. Please ask permission before using and do not remove the credit when you use it or I will set the Hollow Legion out to rip you to pieces. Please also give a lovely thanks to the folks of Lost Before The Dawn because without their application, this application wouldn't have had as much inspiration behind it as it does! :-P Lyrics are from "Country must be country wide" by Brantley Gilbert
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Posts : 26
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Location : Lehigh Riding Academy

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PostSubject: Re: Liam Daniel Lawson   Liam Daniel Lawson EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 9:22 pm

Liam Daniel Lawson -Spirit-Stallion-of-the-Cimarron-dreamworks-animation-33197440-500-268
Accepted, of course! Very Happy I've put him in the staff group because he works as a stable hand on top of being a student still. Smile I'll get him added to the face claims list and you're free to start using him! Thanks for taking him! Very Happy
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Liam Lawson

Liam Lawson

Posts : 4
Money : 1304
Location : Lehigh Riding Academy

Liam Daniel Lawson Empty
PostSubject: Re: Liam Daniel Lawson   Liam Daniel Lawson EmptyTue Mar 10, 2015 3:17 am

you're very welcome Smile nice gif btw Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Liam Daniel Lawson   Liam Daniel Lawson Empty

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Liam Daniel Lawson
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