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Welcome to Lehigh Riding Academy, a prestigious riding academy set in the small, yet bustling town of Lehigh Valley. Founded about 20 years ago by two horse enthusiasts, the academy has made a name for itself as one of the best, but, with the recent retirement of the original founders and the handing of the baton to a totally new head, there is talk that the academy may be up to losing that reputation. Rumors are just rumors, yes, but only time will tell if those rumors will come true...

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 Lehigh Academy Show Season & Spring Bonuses!

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Lehigh Academy Show Season & Spring Bonuses! Empty
PostSubject: Lehigh Academy Show Season & Spring Bonuses!   Lehigh Academy Show Season & Spring Bonuses! EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 10:36 pm

Well, ladies and gents, you heard that there was going to be a show season hosted by the academy, and I'm finally getting around to posting the details of it! Below you will find a list of events your wonderful lovelies will be able to compete in with their horses. Now, I'm going to run it similarly to how the Yule Ball thing was run on our lovely sister site, Lost Before The Dawn, but I would absolutely love some group participation in this as well, but I'm going to leave it up to you. Officially, show season starts on the 18th of April, which I've picked because I actually have my first show of the season scheduled on that date in real life, so all first show dates should be tagged as that date, but you can start them whenever you'd like because the competitions are monthly, so I will release a monthly show date for all topics to be set on. And have no worries of if you'd like your characters to compete in multiple types of shows; you're allowed to do that because I'm a loose person and reality is mean so we're going to ignore the idea that your character has to be at one event and not the other because what fun is making a fictional setting without adding some twists? XD Although I'm kind of relatively certain that you all will have a picked discipline and won't encounter too much trouble with wanting to multitask events. Competitions are open to student and staff, and there is a division break down below each discipline to help you choose what classes you want your darlings to compete in! Also feel free to run some mock training threads with our lovely instructors or your lovely's friends because, realistically, your horses and riders might need a little extra work before show day comes. (And don't worry if you don't know what instructor to ask for; I'm going to give you a list of disciplines our dashing set of staff will be able to help your characters with - and please note that I've only listed instructors I know for certain so keep that in mind.) Also, all adults are allowed to enter the Staff/Adult/Senior/Combined Courses, even if they're not strictly staff of the academy. Horses can be purchased from Lehigh Valley Equiment & More or leased (at no charge to your character) from the academy for showing purposes.

~ Show Jumping ~
This ever-popular sport features horse and rider tackling fences and occasionally difficult jump patterns. The name of the game is to leave all the rails up, do it fast, but look good while doing it. It actually matters that you look pretty more in a Hunter-styled show, but Lehigh is just compounding it into show jumping, so looking pretty isn't a necessity, but it always is nice to see a smooth pace instead of a race horse trying to keep their strides even, so do your best to properly walk the course before show time.
Division breakdown for Show Jumping
~ Junior Course - Crossrails; this is the simplest and easiest of the classes as far as show jumping is concerned because crossrails are small little jumps that are lowest at the middle, since a crossrail is literally two poles set up as an 'x' between two jump standards. This course is perfect for any beginner jumpers or the jumper looking for a fun, easy class to simply practice the show ring groove.
~ Junior Course - Costumed Crossrails; the same as the crossrail course with a little bit of a different jump course, participants are required to dress up themselves and their horse to a theme such as Indian horse and rider, race horse gear, or prince/princess theme.
~ Junior Course - 18"; All jumps are verticals set at 18" height.
~ Junior Course - 2 Foot; All jumps are verticals set at 2 feet high
~ Senior Course - 18"; Same for the student course, only this class is restricted to staff-only entries
~ Senior Course - 2 Foot; Same for student course, just restricted to staff entries
~ Combined Course - 2 Foot; 2 Foot course open to students and staff - perfect to settle the playful rivalry between student and teacher on who can ride the course the quickest and the best.
~ Combined Course - 3 Foot; For the adventurous rivalry. All jumps are set at 3 feet high and are verticals.
~ Combined Course - Combinations; For the skilled jumpers. Verticals, crossrails, and combination set-ups of two to three jumps in quick succession. To ride this course, you must be good in your seat and have a well-mannered mount that can take jumps without strides between each jump, as some of the combinations are unforgiving to horses who try to put a stride in between the jumps.

~ Gaming ~
Gaming covers Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, 50 Yard Dash, Flag Race, Figure 8 Stake, Quadrangle, and the Relay Flag Race. Riders must compete in each "event" to qualify for final rewards, which will be rewarded to the day's Champion and Reserve Champion.
Division breakdown for Gaming
~ Junior Walk/Trot Division ~
All events are to be run at the walk and/or trot paces of the horse. Any horse and rider pair that breaks into a canter and/or gallop during the running of one of the games in this division will be disqualified from ribbon placing in that specific event and will receive zero points towards final point counts if they're running for final points.
~ Senior Walk/Trot Division ~
We include it just in case, but c'mon, guys! You've all seen your instructors ride faster than this, so get on them to ride the faster division. We all know that they're good enough in the saddle, and even if they fall off, it's fun and games as long as no one's hurt, right?
~ Combined Walk/Trot Division ~
For students with a little rivalry with their instructor or for some fun between students and staff, the mixed division will be student riders riding with and against staff riders.

~ Junior Division ~
For all students who want to go fast or go home. All four gaits are allowed in each event run under this division.
~ Senior Division ~
For our speedy speed demons, this is the adult version of the junior division, which is for students only.
~ Combined Division ~
The name of the game is the same, only this is for both young'uns and adults. Wink

~ Cross-Country ~
Cross-country is show jumping in the natural world and outside the limits of an arena. There are two courses offered to riders laid out along the two main trails the academy offers on its grounds. Similar to show jumping, the name of the game is do it fast, but no faults for knocking rails are tacked onto rider scores.
Division breakdown for Cross-Country
~ Junior River Course ~
This course features a splash through the stream on the River Trail, so make sure your horse is ready for water! It also includes some tight areas, so you and your horse will need to be prepared if you're signing up for this course!
~ Junior Forest Course ~
This course is a little easier than the River Course, as it is a much more open course plan, featuring a romp through the fields of the woods on the route to the finish line.
~ Senior River Course ~
As explained, the River Course for adults!
~ Senior Forest Course ~
As explained, the Forest Course for adults!
~ Combined River Course ~
You know the drill by now...
~ Combined Forest Course ~

~ Instructors ~
If you'd like some practice threads before show season and want to practice with an instructor that can help with a specific discipline, here is a little list of our lovely instructors to help you pick who to ask for what help.

~ Matt Lawson; with a wide range of experience, he'll be able to help you with any of the disciplines.
~ Alexander McMillan; Alex has the most experience with Gaming, but is also up to ride practices courses with you for Show Jumping and Cross-Country.
~ Jackson Wall; Jackson's strengths will be in Show Jumping and Cross-Country.
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Lehigh Academy Show Season & Spring Bonuses!
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