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Welcome to Lehigh Riding Academy, a prestigious riding academy set in the small, yet bustling town of Lehigh Valley. Founded about 20 years ago by two horse enthusiasts, the academy has made a name for itself as one of the best, but, with the recent retirement of the original founders and the handing of the baton to a totally new head, there is talk that the academy may be up to losing that reputation. Rumors are just rumors, yes, but only time will tell if those rumors will come true...

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 Lost Before The Dawn || Steampunk Multiverse Rp

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PostSubject: Lost Before The Dawn || Steampunk Multiverse Rp   Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:36 pm

~ This site is run by the lovely Caly, but since she's been such a great help to me already with this site, I've taken the liberty of advertising where the pair of us come from ahead of time. :3 ~

The battles for Albion have been won, and the kingdom is once again restored to its full, basking glory. Now there is something new on the horizon... Something that the locals are whispering of as a threat to the safety they fought so hard to win. This new threat is the Displaced.
The Displaced are people from other times and other universes where lands look nothing like the land of Albion. Pulled through portals and dropped off all over Albion, they have no other choice than to restart their lives here in the kingdom. Though they generally pose no real threat, there's always the suspicious ones whispering of them and where they've come from. Then, of course, you have the few that step forth to welcome the weary, long-from-home travelers with open arms and a guiding hand to help them establish themselves as citizens of their new home with explanations of everything within the lands and new lives away from those that the Displaced have known before.
It's not exactly easy for either side, but this is Albion. When hasn't it been strange?

♔Though set in the world of Albion, since we are a multi-verse site players do not have to have any experience playing Fable. Albion is a pseudo Victorian-era England, with elements of steampunk, so anyone interested in that genre is welcome.
♔Plenty of canons available for taking! Potential characters start from the Winchester brothers to Bellatrix Lestrange to Steve Rogers, along with everyone in between.
♔Deceased Fable canons can be turned into ghosts.
♔150 word-count.
♔Friendly community open to rpers of all experience, from newbies to rp veterans.
♔RP shop to spend your hard-earned gold in to equip your characters with the finest wares Albion has to offer, from weapons to potions!
♔We accept original characters as well as canons, along with Balverines and ghosts.
♔Criminal characters and villains are always welcome; who doesn't love a good serial killing spree?
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Lost Before The Dawn || Steampunk Multiverse Rp
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