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Welcome to Lehigh!
Welcome to Lehigh Riding Academy, a prestigious riding academy set in the small, yet bustling town of Lehigh Valley. Founded about 20 years ago by two horse enthusiasts, the academy has made a name for itself as one of the best, but, with the recent retirement of the original founders and the handing of the baton to a totally new head, there is talk that the academy may be up to losing that reputation. Rumors are just rumors, yes, but only time will tell if those rumors will come true...

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 Peace and Quiet // OPEN

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Georgina Franklin

Georgina Franklin

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Location : Lehigh Riding Academy

Peace and Quiet // OPEN Empty
PostSubject: Peace and Quiet // OPEN   Peace and Quiet // OPEN EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 1:26 pm

Peace and Quiet // OPEN Georgi10
don't need another perfect lie
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Tell me what you want to hear Something that will light those ears Sick of all the insincere I'm gonna give all my secrets away This time, don't need another perfect lie Don't care if critics ever jump in line I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Georgina stopped her Cylana in front of the old barn that was located on the property line of Lehigh Riding Academy. The building was old and it looked like that, but it was still beautiful. The brunette student knew it was forbidden to enter it, because it was so old and you could easily get hurt, but she figured staying outside of the barn, in its shadow on this sunny day wouldn't hurt. Gina was smarter than to enter it and really break the rules. Not that it wasn't tempting, because it really was.

However, she'd only come here to look at it and let Cylana have a taste of the grass that grew here and some other nice things her horse could nibble. And while Gina let her mare take a break from their trip, she'd continue her drawing of the building. Because that was one of the things she loved to do: drawing. Especially horses and barns and other things that she found interesting and beautiful. And the teenager was quite talented at it, too. But she rarely showed her work to anyone, because it was just one of the things that she liked to do to relax. It was just a hobby for personal purposes.
Sometimes she'd send a drawing home to her sister Lynne or her parents, just so they got an idea of what she was up to when she wasn't studying, or training. Gina also had a few pictures on her wall, but only the best ones.

Although Georgina felt quite comfortable, sitting here and drawing, she was a little bit anxious. Because there was always the possibility of someone coming by and her then getting into trouble. And that was certainly the last thing that she wanted: getting into trouble at school. Because being here, allowed to train and study at Lehigh was everything to her. Yet she liked the quiet that this place provided.

OUTFIT :: like this

made by marv @ atf
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Maria Doyle
Maria Doyle

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Location : Lehigh Riding Academy

Peace and Quiet // OPEN Empty
PostSubject: Re: Peace and Quiet // OPEN   Peace and Quiet // OPEN EmptySat Apr 25, 2015 8:06 pm

Boom, clap! The sound of my heart!

Maria let Anarchy set out at a steady, comfortable jog, heading down the trail at her own pace as Maria took the time to simply enjoy the ride away from the bustle of the rest of the academy.

Granted, she loved the place, as she should, since she was now the head, but she loved having a little time to herself and her horse alone just as much, and there was no better way to get that than to take a little trail ride. Maria had always found it peaceful out here on the trails, so it had just seemed to make sense to escape out to the woods for a bit. Not to mention that Anarchy was quite the good trail horse, too, so it was pretty smooth sailing. One of the many reasons she had to love the pretty mare...

Soon enough, horse and rider were nearing the property line of the stables, where the Old Barn sat. Since Anarchy had been chugging steadily along at a decent jog for almost the whole journey to this point, Maria reigned the mare back, easing her into a nice, relaxed walk as they continued to approach the barn.

That was when Maria took notice of a tacked up horse munching on the grass near the edge of the trail by the barn. Curious... In her brief time at the academy so far, she had heard of very few students that hung around here, and she would've known if anyone that wasn't from the academy was using the trails because she'd been back at the stables before she'd started this little outing of hers and no local trailers had come into the academy that hadn't already been known to be there, so this obviously had to be one of the students... Staff wasn't really likely to be back this way. Them actually less than the students, and she was rather certain that they'd all been doing their own things, whether it be lessons or working on something else, when she'd left for the trails.

Shortly, her suspicions were confirmed as she slowed Anarchy to a halt on the trail, spotting a young girl sitting near the barn, doing what appeared to be a drawing. "Hey," Maria offered a gentle greeting, not wanting to startle the girl. She was still trying to get to know all the students and keep track of all of their names here. Gently kicking her feet out of the stirrups, she slid off of Anarchy, a little uncertain if she should just stay by her horse or approach the girl. Pushing such a concern off, she took a few small steps towards the student, "What're you doing all the way out here?" By no means did Maria intend to tell this girl she was in any sort of trouble. Others might argue that she should, but Maria really couldn't see what harm she was doing. She wasn't exactly in the Old Barn, after all, so who was she really putting in any harm?

WORDS :: 506

TAGGED :: @Georgina Franklin

OUTFIT :: Like this, but with these pants and these boots. Anarchy is decked out in this stock saddle, this saddle pad, and this bridle.

NOTES :: I figured it was about time to respond to this, and since I deleted Chris, I decided to use this spunky lass. xD

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Peace and Quiet // OPEN
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